Mobile Application


This course provides the required knowledge and skills to design and build a complete Android application.

Course Description

In this course we will create amazing mobile applications & projects that you can later include in your portfolio. The technologies used to create these applications are expanding and improving quickly, so it’s an exciting time to start learning Mobile Development!

This course requires little or no programming background. It is an ideal starting point for anyone interested in making mobile apps or working with someone who will make mobile apps. Taking this class will lay the foundation necessary and build you to become proficient at mobile application development.

Who This Course Is For

  • Everybody who wants to learn Mobile App Development for both iOS and Android.
  • Software product managers

  • Build a fundamental understanding of how mobile applications are made
  • Flutter & Dart (IOS and Android, Based on your prefered path)
  • Swift (IoS Development)
  • Price #120K
  • Duration 8 weeks
  • Enrolled 25 Students
  • SessionsOffline/Online