Computer Appreciation &


This helps the small business communities, housewives to maintain their small account using the computers

Course Description

Computers are everywhere, but still yet not everyone is skilled at using them. Computers are not just the desktops and laptops we use for work they also include phones in our pockets and even the watches on our wrists. You are definitely reading this on a computer!

In this course you would be introduced to the fundamentals of using a computer systems which includes Introduction to Computer, Word Processing, Presentation with Microsoft Powerpoint, Spreadsheet with Excel, World Wide Web and alot more (you can check the course bronchure for more). At the end of the course you would be able to use computer packages which would get you ready for the usage of advanced applications in the field of computer science such as programming, web design and appreciation.

Who This Course Is For

  • Kids who want to fast track their IT skill
  • Adults who are seeking for jobs but lack computer skills.
  • Self-Employed individuals who wish to be able to operate computers to make their work efficient or who wish to know how they can turn computer to all-in-one box of efficiency and entertainment
  • Students who want to have a knowledge of computer operations and wish to even further their career at a faster pace.

  • Basic of Computer System
  • Word Processing
  • Presentation
  • Spreasheet Application
  • World Wide Web and the Internet
  • Price #100K
  • Duration 8 weeks
  • Enrolled 25 Students
  • SessionsOffline/Online